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Buyer placed an ordered without enough information and is unresponsive. The order is already late


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Hello Folks,

I offer On-page SEO services on fiverr and I need website’s dashboard access to complete my work.

One of my clients placed a $60 order on 6th July but didn’t submit the requirements. I sent him more than 4 reminders to submit them but he didn’t respond even after being online the whole time.

He then submitted the information on 14th July and the clock started ticking. Now the website on which I need to work is not accessible and it is showing 404 error (Not my fault, either seller didn’t pay the hosting fees or there is an issue from his hosting side). He is not responding to any of my messages from the last 5 days and it already 1 day past the due date.

I did send him the extension request but he is not responding to it as well. Now the order is “Too Late” (1 day). I did contact the CS and I got an automated response that it can take them up to 10 days to respond to my query 😦

Should I open a new dispute for cancellation after withdrawing the extension request?

Or Keep the order in late status?

If I cancel the order (after being late for no fault of mine), will the fiverr system automatically leave the 1* review “Order Cancelled, the seller failed to deliver on time”.

Please help me through this.


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