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What my master sy to me

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No, you shouldn’t.
Also, I’ve seen this question pop up yesterday in this forum.
You should really use the search function.
Also the question was phrased exactly the same, word for word.
What is going on here?

Hi, One of my mates is suggesting me to buy some fake reviews to rank my gig on the first page. Is it okay to buy fake reviews or not? Please share your experience. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!
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I think its very bad not only fiverr but also every steps in our life…

This is an dishonest way,

So please don’t try to do this.

Its not fare to buy review, you need to research key words and title so that in search can get your keyword and title.

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Good grief. This is the second thread today from people saying / asking “one of my mates is suggesting I buy some fake reviews is it okay?”

No it’s not okay. If you did so you would be a fake and a fraud, and anyone buying from you on the basis of fraudulent reviews would have been conned by you.

Your own moral compass should tell you it is wrong. You should not have to be asking others. You should know this.

This is the other thread. I suggest you read it and find out how annoyed people are:

I am astounded that you haven’t come up with the right answer yourself. Of course it’s not okay to fake parts of your profile and con buyers into giving you work. Please don’t trick people. It’s just not nice.
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