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Tips to get your gig noticed quickly by the buyers


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I recommend you to be patient and the order will come. You can try to put another pictures to your gig because that is what mostly attracts your buyers, people are mostly visual and that content gets the most attention.

For instance I put my own pictures to my gigs in order to get the people to believe me and to get their trust. Also when I get messages I give my best to answer everything very fast and polite.

It helped me and I hope it will help you too.

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Guest itsyourthing

Be patient. Your gigs are in a category that is totally flooded with sellers and unless you luck into being featured for some reason, it can take a long time to start getting orders. Do whatever you can to promote your gigs off Fiverr. You can’t rely on this place to earn any bucks, let alone quickly.

Most new sellers make a sale or two pretty quickly (within a week or so) and then it goes quiet once your gigs aren’t near the top of the “new” list. Don’t worry about that either - it’s always up and then down and then up again for all but a very few sellers. Good luck.

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