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Fiverr is not providing any customers, why?


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I have almost completed 17 orders on fiverr and almost 15 of them are my own clients (outside). I am paying 20% to fiverr, but i am saddened by the fact that fiverr is not providing me any customers. My gigs has several reviews and fiverr throws it over 4-5th page, but i often see gigs with less order and rating on top pages. Has anyone understood fiverr algorithm? Please help.

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Guest humanissocial

Fiverr doesn’t provide customers. You create a gig. If people want it they buy it.

It isn’t Fiverr’s fault you haven’t researched your competition.

If you have thousands of competitors selling the same thing you are and there are more sellers than buyers, guess what happens?

It has nothing to fo with the algorithm. It’s logic. There are dozens of thousands of gigs in this, many of which meet the criteria you describe. How can they all rank high? It’s not even possible.

Learn how competition, supply and demand work and research before you create gigs.

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