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How Fiverr calculate "Average selling price"?


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I’m Asking this question because, I’ve done 3 orders so far: $5, $10, $15; Total $30 (personally $24, fiverr’s $6)

But, My avg seling price is showing $12.40!!!
If total earning is counted, then my avg selling would be 30/3=$10.
Or, if just my personal earning is counted, then it would be 24/3=$8.

But, Why fiverr shows it $12.40???

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Maybe they’re including the buyer’s fee as well?

“All purchases are subject to a service fee of $2 on purchases up to and including $40, and 5% on purchases above $40.”

Then that would be
$30 + $6 = 36/3 = $12 but I don’t know where the $0.40 is coming from other than maybe conversion rates?

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