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Why Fiverr's being cheating with their sellers?

Guest logodesigns01

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Guest logodesigns01


I have been here for 6 Months and has gathered 1075 Orders till date with only 1 negative feedback! i asked fiverr CS about the feedback and i was given lots of assurity that it will be removed on some occasions a clear assurity was given by fiverr CS but when i asked them to remove it they decline it!

So i want to ask all people here is this fair done to me! This is not one instant, i have more of this!

Fiverr also cancels my order without my permission when buyer asks them even though that matter was already addressed by me to fiverr CS and they have given assurity that they will prevent me but later on when SCAM buyer contacts them they still cancel’s it???

Are cancelling orders later than 10 days is not a violation of terms???

This is complete justice being done to me!!! i think so! Great Fiverr Keep it Up! I puted this things above in front of CS Director and he keep telling me that he will not remove feedback and ignored every promise made by the fiverr CS i kept asking him about the promises but he never replied!

I think i should quit now as there is no following of terms by fiverr neither do nothing, on one statement they tell they will help and on second they backs out, on one they tells they have to follow terms on second they break their own terms for SCAM Buyers!

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