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I'm a new freelancer, would love feedback on my gig - GRAPHIC DESIGN


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Thanks a lot! Patience is key I’ve read 😉

It is good to be patient but even better to be proactive! There are many great tips on this forum, so I suggest you read as much as you can!

You can start here: 🙂

So many new sellers come on the forum complaining that they have been on the site for a few days or weeks and are fed up waiting for orders. Some sellers wait months or more to get their first order! Don’t wait! Check out: https://forum.fiverr.com/c/Fiverr-Tips/tips-for-sellers for hundreds of tips on how to get orders. Take time to read, learn, and take action! That is the only way to get orders! Be a Doer! Try it out for yourself! Good luck! slightly_smiling_face
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