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Hello everyone! I'm Rohit

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Hello guys! How’re you doing?
I’ve had an account on Fiverr for more than three years. But today I decided to create a gig after helping a person on Twitter fix her Wordpress issues.
I’ve built about a dozen websites with and without a CMS in the last four years. Thought I should create a gig and see what happens. Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated!
Rohit Kumar Gupta

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Here is a tip that would surely help you out getting orders!

Hey Everyone Hope you all are doing good! I am here to give you some tips according to MY experience. You must be wondering how to rank your service. So here we go! To make your gig rank on the 1st or 2nd page its the game of tags (keywords). You can’t stick to the only random keywords used by you. YOU have to do some research like what keywords work for you, its a trial and error method. There is no straight forward method which will help you get “Quick rich”. Once you find the set of key…
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