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Buyer asking for draft work - powerpoint ppt


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I am working on an order which is related to making power point presentation that includes graphic work as well as research work. I have completed more than 75% of the work and got a message from buyer to send him draft work so he can review as in whether I am on the right track or not.

What should i do now:

  1. should I send the draft work or not
  2. if I must send for review, should i use the message delivery or through DELIVER NOW button.

Please guide.

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Export PPT as PDF. Put watermark over PDF pages. Export every page as PNG. Convert all PNG to PDF and send him like that. If you are doing this service regularly this process should be mandatory and easy for you once you get going.

By turning your PPT in to PDF you protect it from using in PPT form, but stil PDF can be reverted in PPT so that is why you add watermark.

Next step PNG images prevent OCR programs from searching text, the buyer would have to scan each image individually to copy paste text, but still he will not have PPT.

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