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Hello! My name is Ileana and I'm thrilled to be here!

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Hello everybody! I am quite new to Fiverr and I am still learning the ropes here. My name is Ileana and I’m a photographer and a photo retoucher from Argentina. These past few days I’ve been busy reading the Terms of Service, studying the platform, taking some tests and courses, watching videos and tutorials, also completing my profile and creating my very first gig, but I really feel that I still have a lot to learn in order to successfully navigate the site.

I’ve found out about the existence of this forum only yesterday and I couldn’t be happier! Apparently many of my doubts and questions have already been answered here! I will put in some time to read a bunch of threads hoping to get a better understanding of the site.

If anyone wants to recommend me any particular thread or topic that can be enlightening, please do so, I will appreciate it very much.

I’m very glad to be here and I’m looking forward to interact with the lovely people in this community!

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