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Level up very soon


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Yes. The system is obviously little slow but I got my “promotion”.


In case someone is thinking what are real benefits from achieving Level one, for one thing, THIS:


I am shocked!!

1806 BR to select from?

This will be interesting. It would be great if BR could be sorted somehow, per price or per date or per something. Scrolling through this is going to take forever.

Yes In my case it is flooded with BR.

Check my post here.

Hello Everyone wave" alt="wave. I know it’s easy to be Level One but for me, it’s a huge accomplishment. I am very happy to be promoted innocent" alt="innocent. So I thought to share my experience with this community so it can be helpful for new sellers who are struggling. two_men_holding_hands My Friend Recommended me this platform I joined Fiverr in late February 2020. I had no experience of Freela…
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