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I don't have any orders yet, I need advices!


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I’m a new seller here in fiverr, and I have a gig for a week now.
I have read a lot of tips, and everyday I’m editing things to improve the gig. I know I need to be patient but I don’t know what to do more.
Also, I try to search requests in the buyer requests but it doesn’t appear anything (I read that it can be because there is nobody asking requests at that moment.)

Can someone say if I’m doing something wrong to help me improve? Thanks <3

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Try to open gig in various category that you have skill.

Stay online most of your time with mobile app, refresh buyer request page.

Promote your gig in social media.

Finally follow the tips in Fiverr forum under Improve my gig category.

It will take time, Be patient.

I will try your advices, tysm!

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Welcome to **Fiverr community.**Make your gigs eye catching. Wright your gig description properly and use important tagline. Don’t use copy pasted designs. Try to create unique designs from other. Always try to keep online as long as you can. Remember it need some time to get order. Don’t worry Fiverr don’t disappoint you.

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