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Fiverr Video English Language Necessary


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Hey Dears and Bros!

I am in the process of making a concept for a video for one of my gigs.

As you guys know: I am writing in german only. But my buyers are international. I would like to make the video in German with English subtitles.

So people can immediately see from my pronunciation that I speak perfect German and understand it of course through the subtitles.

Does anyone see a problem here?

It´s because of this phrase in the Fiverr TOS:

“If you are offering a service in a different language, you should write your Gig details in that language in addition to English. Your video may be in the other language you are offering and should be relevant to your service.”

"May be"

English is not my mother tongue. But as I understand it, there is no problem to upload the video in german?

Maybe one of you can help.

Best Regards,


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The ToS says it’s okay, so it shouldn’t be any problem at all. If you’re still uncertain, the English subtitles idea is very good. Plus the amount of work it will take to make that also shows you care about the broader audience.

(There was a good video for a pair/team of Spanish translators where each took turns saying the same thing in English then Spanish.)

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