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Social Media Marketing Order Confusion


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Seniors kindly guide me

As a social media marketer on Fiverr is it a good option to charge your own card for Facebook ads or ask from the client to charge his card. Because if the client doesn’t accept the order after the campaign then how can I recover my advertisement money…

kindly guide me the safe way to avoid any dispute in this situation

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Welcome to the Fiverr forums.
I don’t know the answer to this (not my area) but I do know documentation is important to prove delivery (screenshots, for example).
You could also break an order into smaller parts so as to mitigate the all-or-nothing risk.
Maybe… make a FAQ, offering people who buy the ad themselves and contact you first (so that you can build a custom offer) can have a small discount. (You’ll need to set the base price of your gig to include/cover the cost of ads.)

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