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You are offering 3 different services within one gig which is not allowed.

Your gig is likely to be denied at any time.

Your URL says video editing.

You need to make separate gigs for each service that you wish to offer.

Check this out: https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/creating-a-gig

Thank you for your information,Did’not knew this as a new seller i will correct it ASAP!

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Thank you again i have corrected my mistakes!

Just checked. There is a problem here.

The URL for your video editing gig can’t be changed so you need to only offer video editing with this gig.

You have changed this gig to offer typing.

If you want to offer typing you need to create a new gig for this with a URL that refers to the service you are offering. That is how your gig can be found in the search results.

The gig URL and the description must bear some relation to each other.

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