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Newbie here :) how much time it does take to get my first order?


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It depends. It took around two weeks for me.

I suggest you spend the time learning how to improve your marketing and the presentation of your gig by reading through the great advice shared in this forum. 🙂

thank you for your advice brother.

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hello there

I am new and got my first order in 24 hours

You should promote your service on social media

Be gentle and clear with those who ask and do not flirt with something you cannot do

Good luck!

wow! thanks for sharing

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Thanks for this post actually. This is helpful for everyone.

We joined fiverr yesterday as a team of print designers. We design planner, journal and ebooks for our clients. We published our first gig today.

Best of luck for you. Wishing you a great journey ahead.

Trix Designs

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