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A bit of a landmark


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After three months and 20 days I just hit the $2K mark! Not a fortune, but a useful amount all the same. It helps pay the bills and keep me going between real world jobs.

My Fiverr journey has been interesting, and it has stretched me as an illustrator. The sheer variety of work has pushed me into areas i wouldn’t have ventured into before, like caricature, very simple animation and business graphics. I’ve taught myself Adobe Illustrator and am now very comfortable with it. I can see myself using it in my ‘real world’ work in the future.

I’ve enjoyed the different graphical problems and interpretational problems that have come my way too. After all, illustration involves problem solving on all sorts of levels. I’ve had some great and appreciative buyers, and hardly any bad experiences so for me, it’s been positive. So let’s see what the next few months bring 😉


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Guest matt_garry

awesome I hope you make twice as much in the coming months 🙂

I use adobe premier now for my post production gigs and it has literally saved me like 4 hours on some projects!

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