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Maybe I have to leave fiverr


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I am working on fiverr since November, and I am a level 1 seller. There’s a big problem I am facing in the last few days, my best seller gig completely disappears from the search list!! whither I search my gig by the full title it was showing first from the first row but now I can’t find it any pages!! this is not the first time!! I have faced this problem 2 months ago then I contact CS many many times and they replied one thing that it’ all about the algorithm. I know gig placed based on seller activity like rating, order completion but without any cancellation and low rating but how can a gig completely disappears from the search list?? and not only me, some of the others sellers also facing this problem last few days!! so, all are they got a low rating?? all are they delivered lately?? I am requesting to Fiverr, please check your site at least maybe your algorithm not working properly!! if it’s going like this then I have to leave this site!! I know it’s a not big deal to Fiverr but it’s a very big deal to a seller!! My family depends on my earnings and I have no chances to build my self to other places!! I don’t know what will be happening in the future!!!

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