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Statistical data analyst


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I’m sorry, but I can’t help but see this as a bit funny.

Here’s why.

I’m going to give you some numbers to crunch.

Then you should be able to answer your own question since stats and data are your field.

There are millions of Fiverr Sellers.

There are less Fiverr Buyers.

There are (my estimate) between 25 and 50 new Fiverr members each day.

Every day on the Fiverr Forum there is about 12 to 15 questions on “How to grow my account?”

There are countless posts/articles on the Forum in the Fiverr Tips section explaining how to do this.

About a third of that is bad advice.

About another third is okay advice.

The final third is good advice.

When does the train meet the orange pickup truck that left four hours earlier from the opposite coast?

I hope this helps.

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