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A little User Research

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Icebreaker is a platform we use to do these “meetings” Its a way to get conversations going an meet others from specific groups.


Icebreaker — Online events that build community

Gather your peeps, spark new connections, and have fun together – no matter where you are.

It’s worked well for us to host these small/medium sized meetings.

wow…great !!!

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Good. I am really interested. 😂

Uh, did you READ the original post? Go re read it.

This research was done LAST July. It is OVER, DONE, COOKED. Stick a fork in it.

There is no value in replying to threads that are old or are asking for participation in something that has already occurred.

Why do you have a laughing emoji at the end of your reply? Do you think it is entertaining or funny to dredge up old threads?


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