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My first order on Fiverr, finally

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After long time from opening my Fiverr account, I got awarded. I’m an Android developer with 5 years of experience. I worked for about 5 years on other freelancing sites, but I always find the idea of Fiverr micro-freelancing very attractive, especially if you are a busy developer. I always like to do Android tasks in my free time with no long commitments.

I signed up with Fiverr, but for long time never received any requests. Unlike other freelancing sites who are based on developers send proposals to clients, Fiverr is based on receiving orders from clients to micro-services offered by developers. Finally, I got the requests and I did two tasks from one customer very good.

I’m happy with Fiverr, as an Android developer, you feel you can focus on what you can work on. For example, because I’m little bit busy on my daily life, I like to work on fixing code, adding small features to apps, and make little modifications. Quick tasks taking few hours, and then done.

I liked to share this note with all newcomers on Fiverr, which may be useful to them.

Best of luck for everyone.

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