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Dealing with tricky buyers


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One of my gig buyers shared a wireframe with me give me an idea of the page sections. Alongside, he mentioned two live sites for the UI design ideas, furthermore, he asked not to stick to the above 3 items (wireframe + 2 example sites) and do something newer, using black & white colors.

I invented the 4th product from the extract of the 3 (I did a mistake, I didn’t emphasize on black & white too much and added 2 modern trending colors as he mentioned to have something newer). Then he said it’s not as per his wants & needs and is very different from what he wanted. Then he asked me to do something newer + stick black & white. The new design (5th product) was different from the 4th product before I did. I produced the 5th to avoid a negative review and my own dissatisfaction that my client isn’t happy.

Then he asked for changes 2 times, 3rd time he sent a color palette which had 3 colors as light, medium and dark grey. I asked him why he wants to change the colors while he stressed on black & white before? He didn’t say anything on this. The design was meant for black & white because of the imagery used. Then he asked for more changes.

He’s so polite no doubt, I quoted a regular price, and he asked for 25% off my price that I agreed because he mentioned he’ll be my long-term client.

My question:

  1. We agreed on 1 template design, in return, he got two different designs (4th & 5th) at one price. Is this something common or is being clever?
  2. I also provided him with the source files, I doubt he can use the first design which he rejected. Shall I remind him not to use that design?
  3. During the changes, I lost my patience and said to him to take everything for free, put a refund request and I’ll accept. In response, he said he’ll give me a tip (I kept working on not because of the tip, but because my “personal work ethics” to deliver value to my clients), how to tackle such a situation?
  4. I’m disappointed with all that. What should be my approach in the future?

Thanks in advance.

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Don’t give discounts on the basis of promises of future work. It will never materialise.

A buyer asking for discounts on their first order is a big red flag 🚩

Take out any reference to unlimited revisions and/or satisfaction guaranteed. That’s just asking for trouble.

Value yourself.

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