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Unfair Disadvantage


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Hello everyone. Today i feel a little annoyed. As I am someone who offers video spokesperson productions, i am fully aware that we are not permitted to make testimonial videos.

I have that disclaimer on my gig listings alongside Fiverr’s own “Customer Testimonials Are Not Permitted”

Even so, i still receive orders for them, where i then have to explain to the customer that these are not allowed. I ask the customer if they would like to re-word their script, some do but many don’t and would rather cancel, which is absolutely fine. However, it affects the stats for our order completion rate.

It would be a nice feature if these cancelations didn’t take account of the order completion rate, as i feel these of totally not the fault of the seller.

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In these situations, your best bet would be to contact CS. It’s in TOS, I don’t see why they wouldn’t cancel the order for you.

You could probably message them about past orders as well. No harm in trying, right?

You’re right Mark. I’ve sent a message to CS. At the end of the day it’s just plain old common sense, or at least i hope they see it that way.

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