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TROUBLE with an Illustration for a graphic novel


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He there

I just wanted to inform that I contacted and illustrator here in fiverr to help me with a short story i’d like to produce as a graphic novel. We exchanged several mails regarding the task I wanted him to do for me. We agreed that I would order 25 gigs 5 dollars each for the whole job. Fine so far.

Something made me check all the feedback he is receiving and I found to my horror that he might be using copyrighted clipart in his illustrations.

An after a closer look to what he is showcasing I can see a real difference. Therefore I wrote him and told him that I will not place any orders on the grounds of what I’ve read in his feedback.

I gave him copy in PDF format of my book so he could get an idea of how many characters he would draw and he almost threatened me. The worst part is he keeps writing and saying that I HAVE TO place the order.

Is not going to happen.

My reason is I am a writer. I can’t run the risk of publishing something which might be copyrighted some place else.

What can I do?

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Hi and welcome.

  • You do not have to place the order.

  • Graciously advise the Seller of this (from Fiverr’s ToS).


    Posting or sending adult, illegal, rude, abusive, improper, copyright protected, promotional, spam, violent, nonsense or any uncool stuff is strictly prohibited. Doing so will get your account blocked permanently.

    —end quote—

  • Make a screenshot of all the communications you’ve had with Seller.

  • If it doesn’t stop report the Seller to Fiverr Support.

    Good luck!
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Hi there and thanks for your words. The book is already published I just wanted to make a graphic novel version of it. I haven’t heard of him since yesterday so i can imagine he now understands that he’s not going to get the assignment.

I’m keeping copy of every piece of correspondence we exchanged. 🙂

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Guest mcromano

Sorry this happened to you, what a douchebag. Contact customer support. You are in the right, copyright infringement is a truckload of trouble, especially if you don’t swim in money to be able to survive trough the lawsuit.

ahem shameless self promotion ahead ahem

if you still need someone, i can do some pretty good illustration, if I dare say so.

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