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What's up with the getting charged for work you delivered?


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Hi y’all

I feel like living in a stalin’s world still…here’s the thing:

A few months ago, i did a job for a buyer for $85. All went smooth, work delivered, buyer happy and good review. I got the money (17 days after)

1- yesterday, i get an email from fiverr stating that they received a dispute from paypal regarding that buyer and that particular order.

2- It took my account to minus, and it is taking money from my proceeds from other jobs.

So basically, I am working for free. Besides the fact that apparently I had to do that buyers job for free, I also have to pay fiverr for that? Meaning, they are deducting that amount from other works I already delivered ???

On top of it, i have many orders to deliver, i am not sure if i even want to do anything anymore. I am way beyond upset.

Did anyone have such experience? What’s up with this? Is this 21st century slavery or what

appreciate any clues on this


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Reply to @madmoo:

you were right:

Hi Svetlana,

Thank you for contacting us about this. I checked for you, and a chargeback was filed for the payment made for this order outside of Fiverr. The funds are now being held by Paypal and are not in our hands.

Whenever a transaction is being reviewed by a payment vendor, we may be required to cancel a transaction or put it on hold (for example - stolen credit card or other fraud activities). This is part of the service we provide to maintain a safe environment for our users.

It seems that you had already withdrawn the funds from the order when the dispute was filed. This caused an imbalance in your account, which will be resolved as your pending funds clear. Please keep in mind that when you don’t get paid, neither does Fiverr, and that we want every Gig order to be successful. If a buyer abused his PayPal privileges, it is something literally beyond our control, but our editorial team is already reviewing this buyer’s actions.

Buyers who file disputes on their payments, whether intentional or purposely held by PayPal for security screening, must resolve those disputes in order to participate again in the Fiverr community.

Warm regards,

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In the end, this is a FIVERR management issue.

I’ll make a comparison to fragglesrock. When contractors perform work, but the buyer fails to pay (i.e., credit card now declined, the charge is disputed) fragglesrock still pays the contractor. Then, the account goes into collections. The buyer is cut off, and fragglesrock works to collect the debt.

FIVERR could create the same policy to better protect its seller community - it doesn’t. Therefor, you as a Seller, should move forward knowing how you are exposed to this risk.

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Wow. I didn’t realise this could happen. Seriously making me think there is no point in doing this. You do work for a fiverr and then have buyers cancel saying something unreasonable like “Can’t deliver on time” but you actually delivered within 6 hours for a gig that normally takes 5 days. They should be forced to leave an explanation.

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