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Gig Ranking In Fiverr


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Hello Guys!
I am new to fiverr and recently created a gig with a perfect description + Images, and i did some SEO with some keywords to my gig as i needed to rank it. So now it appears as the first gig on the newest arrival page. So i just want to know that is there a good possibility of getting my first order?

I Would Really Appreciate Your Answers. Thank You

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hello there…can you please give me some tips to rank my gigs. And what are main factors which effect for gig ranking?

Here’s everything I wish they’d told me when I started, but get ready for what you’re about to read, it’s not good news:

Being a seller with so few reviews, being realistic, I don’t think you can get your first order in the next few hours/days. The first years are very hard and that’s why you have to work even harder to get ahead. There are many ways to do that and help you out a little now that you have little experience, then you can rest and the orders will come in on their own, but for now, you have to make a big effort to stand out. Your gig is on the first pages of the “Newest Arrivals” but there are 3 things that you will need a lot of luck to get your first order:

  1. Your gig will disappear from the list of the newest ones after a few hours because, evidently, it’s no longer one of the newest ones.

  2. Most buyers are looking for people with experience and a track record on the platform, so very few look in the “Newest Arrivals” section

  3. In the sections that everyone looks for most often are the “best sellers” or “recommended” and in both your Gig is where it always is, several pages behind.

I’m not trying to make you feel bad, what I want is for you to see how things work here so that you can take advantage of it. I also dreamed of having an order immediately after creating the Gig but it never happened. It must feel great when your gig appears in the first 3 pages of the most used sections, it’s no use appearing in the first of the newest ones if you don’t have the experience, this could work better for those who have a high level or who have good reviews in other Gigs, but still end up like you, behind in the common results, that’s why we should all strive to excel and show all we have to offer.

You can do that through buyer offers or by promoting yourself on social media or among your friends!

Good luck!

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