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Us senior sellers need some advice sometimes


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Hey all, since I recently picked up some new audio equipment I re-did all of my gigs, with new descriptions, a brand new example video, new thumbnails, the whole shebang.
Of course the audio quality isn’t going to be super top-tier, since the audio gets compressed, but here is my account.
I have added three new gigs from my original YouTube video voiceover gig.
What are y’alls opinion on re-using mostly the same description, or do you create each one originally.
Please give as much advice, or feedback you would like to.

One gig is still loading the images, and video, so you may see just a blank gig.


  • Josh
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Sounds decent, The thumbnails could use some rework, though.

image748×312 75.8 KB

This is… kind of minor, but with the shadows being on your left (portrait’s right), it would be better to but the portrait itself on the right. The color choices for the backdrop are also a bit too bright. If you decide to retake the pictures with the light source on the other side, try to also sit/stand straighter (not-slouch).

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Great job Josh!

I would suggest that you experiment with using different gig videos that are more tailored to showcase your individual gigs. A different gig video that really emphasizes what makes your offering unique can potentially resonate with buyers who are looking for the specific services you’re offering. Additionally, if a potential buyer views your profile, they can easily click and see a wider range of your skill with different gig videos. With the same basic video for all of your gigs, it’s almost a wasted opportunity to showcase your range.

Yes, creating multiple gig videos can be a lot of work, but from a buyer’s perspective, it could demonstrate that you are serious about your Fiverr business. It’s this kind of extra, unpaid work that can really differentiate one seller from another.

Hope this helps!

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