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Be careful before clicking any external link you get


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Hello fellow Fiverrians.

Be very cautious before clicking any external link you receive as a message from a user.

The message will be something like :

"Hello xyz,

I just saw your Gigs and they look cool.

Even I’m a seller and would love to order your gig if you can edit some of my images which I’ll use as my cover image or Gig image.

Before that I would like you to have a look at my Gigs.

Here’s my Gig URL: (Here will be the URL)."

The URL will take you to a website which will be a exact replica of Fiverr.com.

On this page you will see that you are now logged out and need to sign in again.

Please do not try to login on this page as it is not fiverr.com.

If you login on this page the scammer will get your login details and will be able to access your fiverr account and then scam you.

To avoid this always make sure that you login only on FIVERR.COM and avoid links that end up with anything other than FIVERR.COM.

The links that you receive from such scammers will probably have something like hh.fiverr.cj/ghddjd/jksfsf

This is to trick you to believe that its an genuine Fiverr page.

Hope you find this post useful.

Thank you very much


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Guest celticmoon

Thanks so much for the warning!

I usually hover the cursor over a link to see if the URL that comes up either matches the written link in the message & has a known domain name, or isn’t actually something with a hash of letters, numbers, words like a temporary site might have, or that it doesn’t end with a domain abbreviation from places that are often home to hackers. I hadn’t heard that this nasty trick was being used with the Fiverr site, so it’s good to know!

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  • 5 months later...

Wow. It’s almost unbelievable how low some of these thieving scums can go. I hope they get caught and punished somehow, but unfortunately there are so many scams like this out there and a lot of them get away with it.

I tend to be quite cautious anyways, but thanks for the info and reminder. Hopefully it can help to keep some legit Fiverr Members here safe. Cheers! 🙂

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Guest nikihiphop

Thanks. I received such messages already which directed me to some service similliar as fiverr offering (surely) fake traffic to your site.

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