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After pasting same title my Gigs does not appear


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I have some old gigs in my profile in the content writing category. I have been facing issues regarding gig’s search results for a month.

Mostly, when you copy the gig’s title and search into Fiverr’s website you may see the same gig whose title you copied.

In my case, I don’t get the results for all my gigs when I copy the same title and past it into Fiverr’s website using the New incognito window tab. It happens with all my gigs even I have not changed anything e.g gig’s title, tags, description, picture, etc.

Furthermore, I can see some gigs when I use the filter button and keep next to the last page. I’ve contacted with support but no one came to resolve my issue. My sale is reduced by 100% margin, I need your kind suggestions and recommendations to resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance

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