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Fiverr consistency

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Hello there,
I hope you’re doing well. After a long time, I am coming back to Fiverr to restart my journey. Today I will say something about my Fiverr experiences. When I started my Fiverr journey that was not an easy way to bring a ‘Succes’ easily. But After 3 months I got achieved my first order and I gained a big laugh to my face.

However, I got achieved Level 1 Seller on Fiverr after 6 months. But suddenly I have lost my consistency to Fiverr and I lost my all clients with my orders.

But I now I make a strong decision I will work again on Fiverr with very strong my mind with 100% efforts.

the main thing is which I remembering to you " Consistency" is the big deal to bring your success.

Thank you.

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