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More than 1 year on Fiverr and Level One Seller


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Hello Fiverr’s, I’m working on Fiverr for more than one year and also Level One Seller for more than 6 months - I guess. I successfully completed 46 projects and 1 order is in the queue. I also get rated 5 stars of my 70% projects.

rating1274×429 17.1 KB

I really enjoyed working as a freelancer, worked with international clients, and enhance my skills day by day.

There are also ups and downs on my 1-year career here on Fiverr like everyone else (I guess). Due to the recent pandemic, I’m happy now I started my freelance career 1-year ago and not just depend on my job.

I’m also thankful to the forum community they also help and support each other regarding any issues that we faced (especially newbies).

This post is just about sharing my 1-year experience with all of you. Thank you!

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