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Am I hurting my Fiverr "Ranking"


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I currently run a video editing Gig on Fiverr, and the main focus of the service is that it is suitable for any type of video editing, no matter what style, or result you are looking for. Hence, when Fiverr asks for a “Category” within Video Editing, I set it to “not defined” because I don’t want a potential buyer thinking I my service will not deliver to their needs.

Now, I have had this in place for a while now, and I never really thought much of it, but now that I come to think of it, can me having this set as “not defined” be affecting the rate at which I am receiving buyer requests.

At some points, i have gone as far as receiving 3-6 Buyer Requests per day, and I am aware that many things come into consideration with this system, including my seller level and overall relevance, but some days, no matter how long I am hitting Ctrl + R Waiting for that new offer, I get absolutely nothing.

Is this due to my service being categorized as " not defined " instead of a specific type, or does this hold no relevance in this equation.

If so, a solution I could think of would be having multiple gigs, each one focused on a different type or style of video editing, each with its own category, but in my opinion this seems like it will do more management harm then good.

If anyone has any insight on this, I would highly appreciate it 😃

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