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Advice for a newcomer

Guest hanane_kharty

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First of all, you have to select your niche. you must-have skill on that.

then you have to research your niche, try to find out a few SEO titles, keyword, and write a good description. note: do not copy another seller’s description.

then create an eye-catching banner for your gig. Note: try to give few hints about your service on the banner.

also, make your own video about your service.

now create your gig. after publishing your gig right now time for marketing. Do not spam. just marketing your gig on social media platforms.

you can make a small tutorial video for YouTube, I think this is the best way for marketing. you can take this opportunity.

thank you

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Guest lloydsolutions

i currently have no buyer requests in my feed is that normal? i just started today.

@shabbsart If you want help you just need to create your own new topic.

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