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Buyer Request Scenario


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Could you please tell me what your thoughts are on the following?

(I am substituting a fictional buyer request to protect the buyer’s identity).

I submitted an offer (in error, but that’s not the issue) to a buyer request that stated something like "If I give you a list of fruits and vegetables that you may or may not be familiar with, can you gather their nutritional data? Calorie count, fat content, vitamins, etc."

The buyer then followed up with a message that stated something like “Hi. So if I give you the list, how would you go about finding out the info? Tell me exactly which resources you are going to use.” There was no mention of placing an order or how many gigs the info be worth.

This is what I thought was a little strange. What is the motive behind knowing EXACTLY how you performed the service? Wouldn’t telling them constitute the “gig” itself? If you told them where to do the research, why would they bother to order from you then?

Am I over-thinking this? 😛

It’s just that in the past I have received messages from buyers wanting me to upload the final product without actually ordering.

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On the one hand, they could just want to know that you’re gathering your data from fact-based resources. For example, when I’m reading an article in a scientific journal, I like reviewing the research sources to make sure I agree that the author’s conclusions are based on science and solid research.

But on the other hand, maybe what they’re really wanting is a list of nutrition resources where they can look up the data themselves (which would constitute a gig in itself for compiling and providing the buyer with sources). Perhaps more clarification from the potential buyer would be helpful.

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