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How many offers to buyers?

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Hello Fiverr Community!
I just wanted tho share my fiverr experience and doubts with you.
I have sent 100 offers to different buyer requests in last few months.
I have got no order in response. But I luckily received two direct orders from the same client, even 2 5-star Reviews (without any request). I don’t understand how many buyer requests are enough for new sellers to get their initial clients.
Here is the screenshot to my gigs page.

my gigs view1357×732 153 KB

I write customized response to the buyer requests (no fixed replies). I try to use proper structure For example greetings, job requirements, my expertise, the relevant question to the buyer etc…
How can I know where am I lacking in my efforts?
I offer one gig for two gigs for proofreading, two gigs for writing, one gig for Resume writing and one for MS Office data entry.
I am not disappointed but just wanted to be better.
Seniors, please guide.
Umer (Rightwriter4U)
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