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Title contains illegal characters? Did I break the 'fiverr' law?


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Your error messaging is extremely confusing. I highly recommend that you include some details for error messaging. You know what an ‘illegal character’ is because you developed the site. What is an ‘illegal character’ to you, could be something different to someone else. Or mean nothing to 99% of your users.

Also, the error messaging appears at the top of the page, not next to or below the problem field. Not a good place to put it. Put the error right where the problem is and make it ‘clear’ as to what is wrong. Not ‘fiverr’ lingo…

In this case, the illegal character was a period (.) which could have saved a lot of confusion if you ran a validation on the field before the submit button was printed. JavaScript can do this in the frame before a user submits a page.

That’s my 2 cents.

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