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Giving some power to sellers by adding "accept or decline" order feature


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Its my first ever post here and i don’t know if this is the right place to ask but i was wondering what if they added a feature which allowed seller to either accept or decline order from buyers because recently i experienced few cancellations because buyers didn’t read my description carefully and didn’t contact me before placing their order and what they asked was incomplete and out of my scope which caused my newly earned level one seller badge revoked and i only experienced 3 cancellations till now and they drop your order completion rate alot and my other statistics are 100% on point.

Another issue i faced was one buyer agreed on a custom offer which was not much just 20 -25$ work but she kept saying i took more money and i shared her screenshots of the custom offer request from my side which was 20-25 but when she shared those too i saw that on her end it was about 32-34$ and what i remember was fiverr charges 2$ from buyers. Well i wrote two much and mixed two issues in one and sorry but it’s my first time and i can go on more but gotta hold my horses for now.

I just wanna know what everyone else thinks about this cause i believe buyers have much more control and power as compared to sellers.

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