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Buyers' Requests..I don't understand


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Hello people.

I have actually made 5 sales in the last 3 weeks, 4 involving Buyers’ Requests, but there is something I don’t understand.

In their first message, the Buyer says something like this: “Please leave a sample i havent time to contact everyone for a sample, I wont waste my time or yours so if you can provide a sample i can quickly filter” (this is taken from an actual message from today)

Ok, but unless I am going blind or I am crazy, there’s no way to leave a sample in your response to this.

You can say you’d like to do the job, and encourage them to listen to/watch your work, depending on what you do (I am doing Voice overs)…but you cannot leave a sample.

Am I wrong? If there is some way you can, can you tell me what it is!

From what I understand, you have to hope they like what they see/listen to when you tell them to look at your Gigs, and you can include a link to those Gigs - but that link to your own work is of course NOT a link to a sample of their script (in my voiceover world).

You have to hope they like your Gig videos/audios and that they THEN get back to you to create a custom offer, including the ability to send a sample…

If I need correcting on this, please correct me…

Thanks for replying!


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