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Buyer asking me for approval of review?


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So, I completed one order and buyer personally messaged me and wrote the review what she will gonna write and asking me if this is ok ? I politely messaged them back that you can write as per your liking and don’t need for my approval since its your feedback for the work I did. On that, she replied back “We have to make sure that everyone is happy in the end. Then i take this review as approved from ur side.”

Now, You can think of it as a seller percpective how problematic it could be for their profile if they mistakenly wrote “review” or keywords like this and here we have a buyer which openly write these things. They might not be aware of the TOS but fiverr won’t take a minute to down your profile and may send you a warning.

Why fiverr rules are much much strict for sellers and not same for buyers ?

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