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Excellent Fiverr Spam Protection


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A shoutout to fiverr support and development for the excellent technology they implement to protect our community from spam. I usually never have a problem with spam messages and the system usually flags spam messages before I even get to them. Really helps me save time reading and responding knowing that fiverrs support system is on top of it.

This is an example of a spam message I just received , which was flagged.

“We need you to write an article for us. My boss has a $150 budget but he locked the information behind wall. You will just have to do a little bit of survey to get access to the files containing information on the work he wants you to do for our firm. It’s confidential so we need a little bit of information on you before you can work for us.
This will be kinda long term. Tell me if you are okay with taking a few surveys before being able to work for us.
Yours faithfully,

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