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Confusing Cancelation Loophole


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So lets say you offer a gig with 1 day delivery. You deliver your gig with a few hours remaining, and you don’t hear anything from your buyer for a few days. Then, before the “3-day auto complete”, the buyer decides to purchase a gig extra to make it look better. When this happens, your order is INSTANTLY 2 days late, there is red ALL over the page saying CANCEL everywhere, and I did just have a buyer get confused and think he HAD to cancel it. The seller gets no word in or option to leave a review to explain what happened, its just instant cancelation and auto-generated negative review.

That needs to be fixed. The clock on the order should RESET or have 1 day added or something when a buyer purchases a gig extra late in the game. Now I have to tell my buyer to re-purchase the exact same thing because he thought he was being told by Fiverr to cancel and is confused and annoyed.

(This could also be potentially scam-ful too, all a buyer has to do it wait for the original clock to pass, purchase a $5 extra then instant cancel and boom, free service.)

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