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Dealing with a Scam


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I bought a Fiverr gig around two weeks ago. I submitted all the necessary requirements. The seller was responsive and I had the impression that he was knowledgable in a field that he claimed to be specialized in (C programming). A week after placing the order the seller’s account got deleted or suspended, but I could still talk to him on the order page. He was still responding fine until I asked him to show me some progress. Every-time I asked him for an update he started to dodge the question saying he was busy or he just didn’t respond at all.

Today he finally delivered. The delivery is completely unrelated to what he was supposed to do. He just sent me 2 black images, that’s all. I don’t want to continue to deal with him since this is a clear scam. What should I do in this situation? How should I proceed to get my money back?

I haven’t responded to his delivery yet. I thought I would ask on the forum before doing anything. I don’t know what his strategy for the scam is since the transaction is protected by Fiverr. If anyone from Fiverr support is reading this, please assist me. I will greatly appreciate your help!

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Note that deliveries will auto-complete 3 days from delivery, if you don’t manually complete them/ask for a revision. If you didn’t receive what the gig/your agreement with the seller promised, use the request revision (or is it called modification …?) button to keep the order from auto-completing.

You can ask the seller for a cancellation via the resolution center, they can then accept or reject your cancellation request if they think it’s unfounded.

Here’s a link to the buyer help center for how to use the resolution center:

If you can’t work things out with the seller, you can contact support by creating a ticket: https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new?source=help_center

(Fiverr support usually doesn’t read here, the forum is more to get help with issues that don’t require support to do anything)

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