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The Work overload-How I deal with It


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Often at times in my freelancer career,I face the problem of overload while dealing with projects.Its happens quite regularly that I am unable to have more time for myself,my family and my passion for reading. Unfortunately being a new seller, I can’t raise my prices all of a sudden to avoid exhausting orders

. As most freelancers here on Fiverr are from the west i.e America,Canada etc and as my timezone is quite different from them I have to face a lot of difficulties (like Receiving a hello message from the buyer midnight at 2) while completing the orders and entertaining their first messages (which often leads to my response time to be quite late)

At times i get a bulk of requests and messages which make me feel so burn out that I have to apologize to a few buyers that I can’t take their orders or find ways to keep the time frame long enough for me to relax

Because of telling the buyers “Thank you but sorry I am reserved” I usually receive a very few or absolutely no orders for a lot of days in a row

But as my Freelancing career is progressing, I am able to find ways such as scheduling my time i.e a separate portion for work and for recreation. I have also the learned the value of giving yourself a quick little break to yourself in straining projects. I have also started working on enhancing my skills while I have no orders or queries for a few days via reading, asking other experts of my field and reading articles over the internet.

I hope as time progresses, I would be able to manage my time and my passions in more of a better way without compromising the quality of work I give to my Buyers

Thanks for Reading

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