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Effective Buyer request in 2020

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Because it is number 15 today topic with same copy pasted tips that do not help, have no purpose what so ever and just creating clutter on forum. He is Level one seller. if he really wanted to help he would put more constructive help, like samples of his BR replies and what time in day he gets BR most in his region (that would help people in his region), he could share how many BR he sees as Level one seller as comparing to when he was not Level 1. Those unique things for him would be helpful to share, not:

  1. Read BR - as in what you would do instead of reading, dancing to it?
  2. Write clear - as you were going to write in Morse code maybe?
  3. Add more functionality - I have no idea what he means with this
  4. Expirience - yes, daughhhh
  5. Time and money - no, I was going to send him how many bananas I ate yesterday instead of price and timing

Want to hear about you in inbox?

Why would you want to hear? And hear about client in the inbox, you want to know about order more, not the client.

This information is very effective…thank you

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Yeah, that’s good at least for beginners who may not aware of it. But I personally think that the most important thing is the content of the gig because at the end buyer will visit your gig and will decide from there whether he/she will work with you or not keeping in mind the quality of work you’re offering. No matter how good your communication level is and how good you send buyer requests things will finally decide from your gigs. If your gigs are not up to the mark then you have to really focus on that. I’m not saying that sending a good buyer request is of no use my point is that sending a good buyer request is completely fine basically this will be the initial start from your side but this will be of no use If your gigs don’t sound great. You will keep sending the request again and again and nothing actually will be happened for you.

Right information :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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