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I want to thank everyone for the advice I've gotten over the years

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I’m sure the majority have seen me around on the forums recently, sometimes telling people off, sometimes congratulating people, or just sharing my opinion.

In my almost two years on fiverr I have had ups, and a lot more downs, but in the past 15 days I have made 150% more than the entire earnings required for level one seller, a feat that initially took me an entire 6 months of hard, and cheap work.

I cannot believe, and I never EVER thought that I would become a level one seller, and never in a MILLION years achieve the rank of a level two seller.

I also recently just created a thread talking about how I was pretty burnt out of working here, especially due to the people who always try to get discounts, and just poor buyers in general. I was given the suggestion to raise my prices, something that has always worried me, and I haven’t had the courage to do so.

As always I had a bunch of people with who I’ve talked with before, and who always provide me with super helpful information, and tips, that I’ve always taken to heart. Today I was ranked up to level two seller, which has given me the courage to increase my prices to 500 words for 10$ with an extra 5$ for each 250 words, and I plan to raise it further once my new audio equipment arrives.

Through the years on fiverr I have always felt mostly welcomed on the forums, and almost always enjoy my time here, accept for the people who beg to get sales, and ask why they haven’t gotten a sale after creating their gig 3 minutes ago. Oh, and don’t forget the people who always call me a “dear” because I love being called a woman, longish hair = female 100%.

I just wanted to thank the people who have always given me useful information, and don’t just blow me off because I look like I may be immature, or young, or just doesn’t know what he’s doing.

People such as @english_voice have been especially kind, and provided some of the best information I have ever been given, and people who think otherwise are obviously stuck up, and probably won’t do well in the future.

Again, thank you to everyone who has helped me along my way, and one last thing, please don’t pollute the comments with: “congrats dear, but pls look at my gig and give me sales” or “nice bro, but how do I get sales?”

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart,

  • Joshvoices4you
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Wow Josh, I didn’t expect to be singled out - but I seriously appreciate your kind words.

Haha, sorry about that, but you were one of the only people who gave advice that made sense, and didn’t try to talk down to me about what I was doing, and I really do appreciate it, again, thank you!

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