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The Gratuity/Tip issue discussed again


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I just had a young lady quick turn (like under two hours) some photoshop work. Totally great work and effort. Even sent a ‘proof’ before doing the offer. Just 10 stars all around. Imagine my surprise to find out that when I decided to comp her with a gratuity/tip, fiverr grabbed a full chunk. This is outrageous. Have we, as buyers, not put enough global pressure on these platforms to crush this notion that the platform owners (Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Fiverr, etc.) should not be entitled to part of a tip/gratuity?

I grossed it up, so she would get a full amount. We buyers, need to form up and demand this stop else we take our money else ware. If the gig economy thrives, it will be as a result of being fair to the remote worker not exploitative.

Don’t dip into workers tips!

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