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Hi There! Super Thrilled To Be A Part Of The Community

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Hello there,

I’m Kyle, I’m a digital illustrator with a traditional painting background. : ) I create illustrations that are a mixture of my style with a dash of realism.

I just realized this forum was here and, I got super excited to be able chat with others in the community!

I an wondering if anyone has advice for someone when they are first starting out? Is there anything I should be doing, and are there things that you wouldn’t recommend?



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Hi Kyle, welcome to the forum.

I’d urgently recommend reading the ToS and the Help Center if you haven’t yet, it can save you a lot of potential trouble up to account warnings or a ban.

Else, do your best with setting up your gigs and showing as many examples of your work as you can (in addition to the 3 gig images, you can also upload 2 PDFs where you could put a bunch of samples on, and in the Help Center, you’ll find URLs that are allowed, so you could, for example, link to FLICKR), and try having fun too, probably not too difficult with your line of work 🙂

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