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I just started/need some advice


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Hiya! Name’s Darine and I finished up my seller profile as well as my first gig posting a few weeks ago.

I tried to promote my gig using FB, but it didn’t do too well with the results.
Been getting a lot of spam and weird requests though!
I’m just introducing myself to the community and asking that one question I’m sure everyone in here (or at least most of you) asked when they first started:

what are the different ways I should promote my gig?
another version of this question is what are the different ways you guys promoted your gigs that started your journey with a few clients?

my social media is not really reliable as I don’t have that many followers.

thanks for the help in advance. take care.

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Hi. I’ve had a quick look at your profile. Seems decent overall! A couple of thoughts…

Although I get your humour (at least I think you’re being humorous?!) about being the CEO, producer, director, etc (basically doing every role) - I’m not sure that everyone will get it. I think by trying to focus on and sell the company brand rather than you and your editing skills - you’re missing a massive opportunity to connect with a potential buyer.

Fiverr is more about individuals and the skills they bring to the party rather than trying to present a corporate face when you’re clearly (by your own admission) a one man band.

Your pricing. I am really happy to see that you’re charging a decent price for your skills and you clearly place a value on your time and abilities. You’ve grasped something that I reckon 90 percent of new sellers get wrong in my humble opinion. However (and I can’t believe I’m writing this and I’m waiting for the forum backlash), I’m wondering if your prices are just a little too high for a new seller looking to build a reputation.

Absolutely no way am I suggesting you sell gigs for $5. But maybe consider doing two or three jobs at half the price just to get some positive feedback which will bring confidence to those who view your profile.

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