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Getting no orders?


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Hello :raising_hand_man:

If you are new to fiverr world
And created your first gig , then keep updated with buyers requests that you receive

Provide them best offers that you can
Always keep in mind that you put an honest price for the service that you provide

Using polite and formal words can drive customers attention

Thank you

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I have received an order 2 months before. After that i received no one. I have updates my gigs and tags and also send buyer’s requests but still it is not working. I am frustrated from all these stuff.

Never give up!

Perhaps the services you offer are some of the worst hit by COVID-19.

For 3 consecutive months, I recorded increase in revenues of over 150%.

This is the fourth month and it seems to have slowed down.

But experience has shown me that your next big order could be a second away, so I’m waiting.

Never. Give. Up.

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Thank you but I don’t seem to get any buyer requests… Please check the attached screenshot. It says “10 requests left today” for days now…

Fiverr updates buyers requests at a particular time

After few hours, as the buyer accepts offers provided othres or for some other reason the buyers request disapears

So try reply to the requests as soon as possible

When it appears

Thank you

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