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I recently known about fiverr, the first time when i joined this site i was fully confused whether i can do it or not but from somewhere i gained the confidence and created a gig and posted it on my account .After a few days when i opened my inbox i was really shocked to see that i got a work and was so happy that goosebumbs arised on me .The work was based on women empowerment , i got a phase and it should be expressed in different expressions .After that within 1 day i completed and submitted my work .Later i was so happy to see that the man from whom i received the work was very happy with my voice over as a result i came to know the fact that if you do something with devotion you will get good results.One more thing to tell was the person from whom i got the work made me realise all my faults and it was very helpful for me to improve myself.


Check the link below
I will record a natural,professional female voice over

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